Our Staff
Our team are among the most talented in the business. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you and your pet.



I have had a passion for animals my entire life. I can't remember a time growing up that we did not have some type of pet in our home. When I was in school I wanted to be a marine biologist, but my passion and love for dogs and cats took me in a totally different direction. I was fortunate enough to have parents that supported my dog habit and allowed me to have a kennel and show in junior handler ship. I showed and raised rough coat collies for several years. I started my first job working with pets in 1981 and from there it has done nothing but flourish. I showed canines, and felines both. During this time, I continued my path as a dog groomer. Back when I first started all my training was done by mirror imaging. My instructor would groom one side and I would have to duplicate the other. I have continued my education over the years. I have worked in both small shops, veterinarian practices, and corporate stores, and with that I have never lost sight of my love for the family pet. I judged for The International Cat Association for over 5 years, which required me being away from home 2 to 3 weekends a month. When I opened Elliotte's Pet Spa & Salon in 2009, it was my goal to extend my love and passion to my customers and their fur babies. We have continued to grow over the past 8+ years but have been able to sustain our family feel. I take pride in the quality of work and our customer service, and therefore it has been challenging at times to hire additional staff due to the high standards and expectations I have of them. I feel I have a great team with over 60+ years of combined experience and love.
(updated 06/30/18)



James Manning
Salon Manager/Receptionist

In the 50 plus years that I've been around, a lot of things have changed in the world but, one thing that has remained the same since day one is my love for animals. I can't remember a time that I haven't had a Dog or Cat in my life. And my passion for animals isn't just limited to dogs and cats. I've have just about everything over the years, birds, horses, saltwater and freshwater fish, reptiles, rabbits...the list goes on and on. Through the years I've had several jobs that I've enjoyed. Landscaping, Bartending, Pharmaceutical Quality Inspector to name a couple. But, the most enjoyable has been here working at Elliotte's. Between jobs, I came to work with my partner (Elliotte), almost 7 years ago and never left. Why would I? We have awesome customers, and I enjoy the time that I get to spend with them. Best of all I get to play with some pretty awesome dogs and cats on a daily basis.
(updated 06/30/18)



Linda Duffey
Bather/Grooming Assistant

I have worked with dogs and cats for over 30 years in both Florida and North Carolina.
I find it very rewarding working with and getting to know each individual pet. I know pets can sometimes be nervous and uncomfortable at the groomers, I like it when I can connect with a Pet in a compassionate and loving way and make them feel at ease. It is a rewarding experience for both of us. I now have the time to devote to doing things that I love, and I am hoping to learn to become an experienced groomer. I am the mother of one grown daughter who is about to become a first time mother herself. I look forward to meeting everyone at working with your babies.
(updated 04/25/19)



Jenna Dearr
Full Time Groomer

I have always had a passion for animals since I was a child. I have always loved being around animals. My first job working with them was at a local animal hospital where I ended up meeting my husband Charles who also has the same passion for animals and has worked in the vet field for 14 years. After a few years I decided to change my career path to grooming and have been for the past 3 years. I absolutely love it! I strive to build a relationship with my clients and their fur babies and get to know them to give them both the best experience. Me and my husband recently got married and bought our first home. We have a small farm in Rougemont with our 5 cats, 2 dogs, and lots of chickens and ducks. I am looking forward to meeting you and your fur baby and doing my best to provide the best groom possible in a friendly low stress environment.
(updated 03/09/20)




I've been around animals my whole life and knew I wanted to work with them in some way but wasn't sure what route to take. Then, in 2014, I applied for a cashier job at a large pet store and was offered the position of dog bather instead. I accepted of course and I've been in the industry ever since! In 2016, my husband and I welcomed our first child (a little boy) into the world! We quickly realized we needed to make some adjustments to our lifestyle. So, in 2017, I learned the trade of grooming. Soon after, I realized, this is it! This is my passion! I can't imagine doing anything else! I love getting to know my clients and most of all, thier fur babies! In 2019, we had our second child (another little boy) and I made another slight change in my career. Starting in 2020, I began grooming at a vetinary clinic and for 2.5 years, I got the chance to further my knowledge and understanding of the pets I work with. Now, as of 2023, I'm so excited to join this amazing group of people here at Elliotte's pet spa and work alongside of like minded people that share the same love and passion as myself! At home, my husband/partner in crime since 2009, our two incredible boys, and myself have 4 cats, a golden retrieve, 3 mini chickens, and a snake. But at work, all your fur babies will become my babies as well!
(updated 03/14/23)



Full Time Groomer

I have been blessed with some amazing opportunities in my twenty some odd years as a dog groomer. I had the opportunity to work with Animal Planet on the set of what about Winn Dixie. I groomed pugs for the Men in Black movie, and groomed several dogs for the Lassie show. I trained under a master groomer who helped me with these wonderful opportunities Growing up around lots of animals has given me a unique perspective and a great fondness for them which I believe is what led me to grooming. My husband, 5 children and I moved here from central Florida during the pandemic, and haven't looked back, we just fell in love with North Carolina. Now I am on the newest chapter of my journey here at Elliotte's Pet Salon! I cannot wait to meet all your furry family members!
(updated 05/24/23)



Gladys Moreno
Full Time Groomer

Since I was little I have grown up with many pets, and I have always loved being surrounded by them. I have grown up watching my mother be a hairdresser and it always caught my attention to see the art they do. From the age of 15 I began to work bathing the puppies and watching how they cut their hair, and then I began to be the one who cut their hair and now at 21 I can say that it is what I want to do for the rest of my life and continue to do what I am passionate about now with Eliotte's pet spa. I am so excited to start this new chapter in my life here and to meet your babies and give them the best grooming possible and make them feel so happy and comfortable.
(updated 07/30/23)



Jennifer Mathis
Remote Receptionist

As a child, I always enjoyed being around animals and have such a passion for them still. My dream growing up was to become a marine biologist but my adult life never steered me in that direction. Now, my husband and I would love to be able to have a farm one day with horses and cattle especially but I wouldn't be opposed to ALL the critters (LOL). We have 3 children and currently have 2 Great Danes, 3 Sphynx, 1 Domestic shorthair kitty and 1 Domestic longhair kitty; needless to say that there is never a dull moment in our household. I have never had the opportunity to work in the pet industry until now but I am so excited to be able to provide our clients with the best possible customer experience.
(updated 7/16/24)